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Is UWP deprecated in Xamarin?

P5musicP5music Member ✭✭

Hello, I am new to the forum.
I would like to develop cross platform applications with Xamarin in VisualStudio (2019 edition).
I could not understand whether I can create a unique cross platform solution to have a good starting point for deploying apps for Android, iOS, UWP or not.
I am also interested in Mac applications. I think VisualStudio does not allow Mac applications.
However it should allow to have the UWP project alongside Android and iOS projects. Am I wrong?
That option is present when creating a solution, although it is in a checkbox. This is strange. Furthermore the UWP project seems not to appear after creation, just it can appear next time (if I did not allucinate it) and then disappear.
Moreover I do not see the UWP possibility in these forums. And I read some old threads in some forums where people bashed at a possible deprecation.
So what's the problem? and the possible solution?
Thanks in advance

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  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod
    edited July 2019


    UWP is currently supported by Xamarin.Forms .

    UWP has never had a separate forum here in the way that Android, iOS and Mac do. That is probably because C# development for Android, iOS and Mac, is something that Xamarin had to implement, whereas C# development for UWP is the norm and did not require a separate Xamarin product for those people building for UWP without using Xamarin.Forms

    As to whether UWP has a future in the Xamarin.Forms world, that is something about which many of us would like a clear statement from Xamarin/Microsoft. The question has been asked before, but we haven't had a clear answer.

  • P5musicP5music Member ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    @JohnHardman Thank you for the response.
    So, what about the strange bug I pointed out?
    Should I open a new thread? or there is someone here that knows about it, willing to answer?
    Note that I opened a request about it with VisualStudio embedded support option.

  • P5musicP5music Member ✭✭

    Now I think I understand: I am using a Windows8.1 computer. I got no explicit errors, but I think it is not possibile to develop UWP on this machine.

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