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How to use an older project app to do another one without problems ?

jym92jym92 Member ✭✭

Hi everyone,

I work since one year on a specific app (tracking nautical sport app) and now I need to develop another one but really similar(tracking running sport app)...

So I taked my last project and I modified the app Name, project name, package name, icon and some code....

But when I try to test my application on my android tablet, my old nautical application is replaced by the my new running application !

I think a signature or a config problem but I don't know how to fix it.... :(

So is it possible to use an project to do another one or do we need to create another one ?

Do you have any idea to help me ? or any tools to migrate a project xamarin to another xamarin project ?

Thanks for your help !

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  • jym92jym92 Member ✭✭

    Android project config :

  • jym92jym92 Member ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    I have change it :

    for my older app i have in manifest : package="com.codeESA"

    for my new app i have in manifest : package="com.codeESA.running"

    another idea ? or may be I have to change the package in another place ?

  • jym92jym92 Member ✭✭

    You have right , finally I have an conflict enter android manifest and android option... The first one always tried to modify the other one. :(
    But I force it to save all and now it's ok, thanks for your help !

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