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Allow iOS PageRenderer to render as custom UIViewController

PaulBrennerPaulBrenner USUniversity ✭✭


Update the PageRenderer class so that it can render as a custom UIViewController instead of just a UIViewController

API Changes

I propose two ways of doing this.

Make PagerRenderer generic, so the user can set the page like so:

CustomPageRenderer : PageRenderer

or, add a SetNativeControl() function so the user can set what control to render as, such as:

var myPage = new MyCustomUIViewController();

Intended Use Case

There are a lot of libraries out there that are just classes that inherent from UIViewController, we can't really use them since PageRenderer will only render a Xamarin forms page as a UIViewController.


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  • DandiAndyDandiAndy Member


  • I would also like a custom UIViewController for Xamarin.forms.
    It's needed for integrating UnityAds or Facebook.Audience.Network
    and avoid the nightmare that is AdMafia... aka. AdMob

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