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Has anyone implemented Twilio Programmable Voice with CallKit in Xamarin iOS?

I have an iOS app we built with Twilio that works fine but we need it to work with CallKit. We found one binding nugget package for it but it didn't work, Has anyone done anything with Twilio and CallKit and could point us in the right direction?



  • kierkier Member ✭✭

    @DerikGadson Did you ever get this to work?

  • DerikGadsonDerikGadson USMember ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    @kier No, never got that to work. I was able to get the older Twilio voice (pre call kit) to work but Twilio no longer supports it. And I spoke with Twilio over the last year and at first they said they were working on an SDK for Xamarin for the new Programmable Voice but a few months ago a similar contact with them said that was not going to happen. But I have been researching a few others but haven't found one that fits just right.

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