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Twilio binding

kierkier Member ✭✭
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I've created a Xamarin.iOS project referencing Twilio.Voice.iOS.XamarinBinding but cannot get the linking to work.

So far I've tried:

  • changing build parameters such as linker behavior, supported architectures, etc
  • disabling/enabling incremental build
  • --registrar:static/--registrar:dynamic
  • downloading the source for the binding, creating the project and building it successfully and referencing only that project (project available if needed but ~231mb)
  • scanned the build log for duplicate definitions etc. but can't find any. (log attached)

PC environment matches Mac build server (both environments attached) and Xcode is latest version 10.2.1

Can anyone see what the problem is? Do I need frameworks installed somehow?


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  • kierkier Member ✭✭

    @denis_kornev Thanks, I finally got that building and deploying to a physical device with

    --registrar:static -cxx -gcc_flags "-lc++"

    as the additional mtouch arguments.

    Do you know of any demos on dialling a PSTN from the app then dialling the app from PSTN please? Dialling the app from PSTN is really eluding me at the minute. I'm looking at the Twilio website and trying to follow the iOS SDK but with no luck.

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