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Webview Source Property Binding To Specific URL coming From Specif Button Onclick

osamajuttosamajutt Member ✭✭
I 'm Developing A Drama App Which Contains Multipe Episodes. I Am Using Dailymotion Embed Videos Containing URL . I Want ,When a User Click On Episode 1 Watch Button ,He Navigates To Master Page With Specific URL where they master page already contains WebView. And same methods to all other Episodes ...... Can Anyone Help Me. ???

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  • parzivalmxparzivalmx Member ✭✭
    1. Create a ListView with the episodes
    2. Pass the episode URL to the WebView clicked element (
  • osamajuttosamajutt Member ✭✭
    Brother I Have A ListView Already Created. I am Using Custom Listview With ViewCell , In Which I Have Added Buttons To each Row. Now At This Point When A User Clicks On Episode One Button He Should Go To Master Page With That Specific URL. That's The Major Problem I'm Facing. The Problem Is Button. I Easily Navigate To The Master Page Containing WebView, But WebView Source Property Is Empty ......
  • parzivalmxparzivalmx Member ✭✭

    So you are able to open the WebView from the button? Do you have a constructor with a URL or source parameter? You can pass the parameter by using something like this from the listView

    MListView.ItemClick += (object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e) =>
           txt1.Text = Convert.ToString(MListView.GetItemAtPosition(e.Position));    //This Show Text
           txt2.Text = Convert.ToString(e.Position);   // This Show Index

    Maybe if you show us some code and where you are having the issue we will be able to help more.

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