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iOS apps will run on macOS with Project Catalyst

mnxamdevmnxamdev Member ✭✭

Does anyone know if Xamarin has a response (or roadmap) to the announcement of Project Catalyst (previously Marzipan) at WWDC 2019 regarding iOS apps being able to run on MacOS? Any thoughts on possible barriers to this happening soon in Xamarin/VisualStudio?


  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    A number of us are here at WWDC or watching video streams, and learning about these features as they are announced.

    There is no announcements or roadmaps yet.

    if you have interest in this feature coming to xamarin-macios I would suggest filing an issue. User interest is one of a number of aspects we consider when determining what features to prioritize.

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