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How to use a searchHandler class with parametered constructor

iooovoltsiooovolts Member ✭✭✭

Can someone please please help me overcome this hurdle or potentially suggest a better way? I am trying to implement search functionality in an app, and I am having problems using my repository code for CRUD. Please see below code:
The problem is that because of this parameter I cannot use that search handler in my XAML like the Xaminals demo app shows (as I will also show below). I just want to be able to get the ItemSelected and then use the same Singleton instance of UnitOfWork created by my IoC container to do the DB operations. I tried accessing ItemSelected from the xaml so I could just bind it to a Command but it seems you cannot do that :neutral:

Search handler class

public class IngredientsSearchHandler : SearchHandler
        private readonly IUnitOfWork _unitOfWork;

        public IngredientsSearchHandler(IUnitOfWork unitOfWork)
            _unitOfWork = unitOfWork;

        protected override void OnQueryChanged(string oldValue, string newValue)
            base.OnQueryChanged(oldValue, newValue);

            if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(newValue))
                ItemsSource = null;
                ItemsSource = _unitOfWork.IngredientRepository.GetAll().Where(x => x.Name.ToLower().Contains(newValue.ToLower())).ToList();

        protected override async void OnItemSelected(object item)
            await _unitOfWork.IngredientRepository.AddAsync(item as Ingredient);

IngredientsView xaml

        <controls:IngredientsSearchHandler Placeholder="Enter ingredient.."
                    <Grid Padding="10">
                        <Label Text="{Binding Name}"

Type 'IngredientsSearchHandler' is not usable as an object element because it is not public or does not define a public parameterless constructor or a type converter


  • LeijaeLeijae Member ✭✭

    seconded on this question, but I'd like to implement Mediatr to do the query and commands

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