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Xamarin Intro Session in Chandigarh, India

RupreetGujralRupreetGujral INMember, Developer Group Leader

I presented an intro session to Mono and Xamarin in our technology forum Techizzaa ( @ Chandigarh, India. Here is the link to the presentation ( More presentation on Xamarin and Test Cloud soon!


  • RupreetGujralRupreetGujral INMember, Developer Group Leader

    How can Xamarin help us to spread more info about their product? I love the product and I'm totally in for talking about Xamarin around my place. We have started this techno community called Techizzaa ( where we talk about various technologies including Xamarin.

  • amilleramiller USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @Rupreet!

    The presentation looked awesome! Next time you have an event, feel free to post the session information here before it occurs so that other people from the community will know about it :)

    If you are interested in talking to our Marketing Team to spread the word about our software, they can be reached at [email protected] . Otherwise, feel free to write into [email protected] and we can direct the email to the best person to talk to you regarding further promotion. Thanks again! :D

  • BeingSrvBeingSrv INUniversity ✭✭

    Great to see Xamarin lovers in India . Even I have also enrolled myself in the online mobile training session this jan 20 .

    Hope to spread words about Xamarin .

  • NiteshLuharukaNiteshLuharuka USDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭

    Same here Rupreet!

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