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App crashes when "Xamarin.Android Api-2X Support" is not installed in device

I have an app in Xamarin.Forms which works fine when I debug it in my device. I notice that when I deploy the app in Debug mode, Xamarin.Android Api-28 Support is automatically installed in the device apps. When this is present, the app works perfectly when I manually install the .apk (through e.g. Release mode). However, if I uninstall this (i.e. the Xamarin.Android Api-28 Support), some of the app components don't work and the app crashes. I am unsure which components do not work (since I can't debug it - in Debug mode, Xamarin.Android Api-28 Support is installed so the app works fine), but two guesses are the Xamarin.Essentials or the System.Data.SqlClient component.

My question is how can I package the Xamarin.Android Api-28 Support stuff in my application or where can I find an APK to manually install this on the target devices?

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