View Model loads Every time in Bottom Navigation Bar

I'm using MVVM cross for my xamarin cross platform app. Using Bottom navigation in my home page, the one issue which I'm facing is whenever I navigate between the tabs, the view model loads every time which makes the app to load each and every time I navigate between tabs. How to avoid the view models reloading each time. For navigation I am using the below code

await NavigationService.Navigate<MyViewModel>().ConfigureAwait(false);


  • yelinzhyelinzh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited June 18

    Trying to keep the page in memory is a huge pain and has many unexpected side effects, so it's best to recreate the page. Just like below:

    await Navigation.PushAsync(new Page());

    To avoid the problem, you can use code-behind to manually control this issue or register your pages with the container as a singleton.
    Refer to:

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