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Can't connect to mac from "Pair to Mac" dialog

It seems I have successfully paired to my mac from the Pair to Mac dialogue, because:

  • It "found" my mac - the IP matches
  • It seems to have installed Mono remotely, and seems to have finished (it took awhile - clearly some kind of connection was active)

...and yet the pairing seems to be unfinished, incomplete, or in some way has failed, because:

  • The entry displayed for my paired mac doesn't show the little icon indicating it has paired.
  • Down at the bottom of the dialog it shows the error or warning "An active connection to the mac is required..."
  • When I right click on the supposedly-paired mac, the only option is "Connect". When I click on that, literally nothing happens. No message, no error, nothing. And it seems the connection is still not happening.

Additionally I cannot remove the mac entry and try again. When I right-click on it the only option is "Connect". At some point in the past there was a another option for "Forget...". That no longer appears. Apparently it's now impossible to forget this dysfunctional connection. I have tried restarting VS2019 on Win10, and have tried rebooting my mac. No luck. How can I solve this?



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