UITest iPhone XS Max - screen size is not recognized

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Hey all.

Our tests fail to run on an iPhone XS Max because the screen density is being considered an iPhone X (or XS) and not accepting the XS Max resolution. As seen below in the simulator/Repl tree, you can see that it believes the screen point size is 375x812 (1112x2436 pixels), but the XS Max size is 414x896 points (1242x2688 pixels).

When doing a x.Marked("view"), the coordinates it grabs are thought to be in the form of an iPhone X so the taps do not hit the proper spots.

Is there a fix or work around for this? Has anyone else seen this?


  • gfeingfein Member ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    The obfuscated part is calling: app.Query().FirstOrDefault() to give us the window


    (I cannot post links since I am too new, but the above is the running sim + the repl to show the screen dimensions)

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