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Zebra printer binding xamarin.ios

mrdl2010mrdl2010 USMember
edited June 2014 in Xamarin.iOS

Hi everyone,

I am having some problems in binding zebra printer SDK (my model is iMZ220) to Xamarin.iOS

When I use Object Sharpie to make auto binding, I got a lot of errors like:

error: cannot find interface declaration for 'NSObject', superclass of 'DiscoveredPrinter'
@interface DiscoveredPrinter : NSObject {

I found it is a bug here

Does anyone have full binding codes for zebra printer? I am very happy to have one.

Thank you very much.


  • asadwinitasadwinit Member

    I am using ZPL command for printing, it's printing in reverse (bottom to top) and printing the content in fix size of a page, not as content( some times missing some printing contents). Can Anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance

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