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VTDecompressionSession callback being called on simulator, but not on physical device.

CoreySmithCoreySmith USMember ✭✭

I am using VTDecompressionSession in an iOS app. I have raw H.264 frames that I feed into the VTDecompressionSession to get decoded. VTDecompressionSession has a callback, DidDecompress, that is called when a frame has been decoded or there was an error decoding the frame.

When I run on the simulator, the DidDecompress callback is called as it should be as frames are decoded or there is an error decoding the frames. But, when I run the exact same code on a physical iOS device, the callback is never called at all.

Please help, as I have exhausted every method I know of to find out what is happening. I need some guidance here.

Thank you!


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