Adjusted renewal date for second platform license

I started out with a Xamarin.Android license in August and now, four months later I want to add an iOS license. The ordering system shows that I will get the license under a "Combined renewal date" in August 2014.

Understandably such a synchronised renewal makes it easier for Xamarin to manage subscriptions, but can you pass the benefit on to the client maybe? Like a synchronised renewal date in December 2014? Or a 10% discount? What will happen if, say, I wanted to add iOS two months before my Android renewal date. Would I then get a 2 month Indie subscription for $299?


  • Sorry for the rant. I now realise that I actually purchased the Android license in May, so a combined renewal date in August is perfectly acceptable. From the order form it wasn't immediately clear that Xamarin will extend the Android license by the same number of days that they shorten the iOS license.

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