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Xamarin friendly mbaas solutions?

Hi, just jumped back into Xamarin development and noticed that Azure Mobile Apps seems to have died while i was gone.
I'm working on a pretty small project so I would prefer a mbaas solution instead of writing my own backend but it's a bit too
query heavy for Firebase.

The ones i found so far:

I have noticed App Center has been adding new features like Auth and Cosmo DB but they are in alpha
and would rather use something more stable.

Any suggestions are welcome, Cheers and thanks in advance!


  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    What do you mean by the words of Azure Mobile Apps seems to have died while i was gone?
    Could you please post more details about this question?

  • joellinderjoellinder SEMember ✭✭


    "Please note that the product team is not currently investing in any new feature work for Azure Mobile Apps"

    Maybe "died" was an exaggeration but the github repos seem pretty inactive plus no plans at all for .net core support server side.

    Would rather not to begin a project with obsolete tech and it's hard to come by any info about the future for mobile apps on azure or I'm just bad at looking.

    Seems to me that Microsoft is setting up App Center to compete with Firebase with the recent additions Auth + DB.

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