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Google warning 64bit . Targeting 64 bit architectures on Xamarin in Visual studio 2017/2019

richieprichiep Member ✭✭

I uploaded an update to google today and I received a warning - need to start supporting 64-bit CPUs in our Android apps by August 1, 2019. How do I get my app to compile in Visual studio to meet the requirement.


  • JamesMontemagnoJamesMontemagno USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    You can enable different "ABIs" in the projects properties. Documentation is here

  • richieprichiep Member ✭✭

    Do you know what I should choose? I was using default armeabi-v7a and thats causing the warning. Do I choose that and one of the others or just one of the others. Not sure what to select, hope you can help. Thanks.

    armeabi-v7a – ARM-based CPUs with hardware floating-point operations and multiple CPU (SMP) devices. Note that

    arm64-v8a – CPUs based on the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture.

    x86 – CPUs that support the x86 (or IA-32) instruction set. This instruction set is equivalent to that of the Pentium Pro, including MMX, SSE, SSE2, and SSE3 instructions.

    x86_64 CPUs that support the 64-bit x86 (also referred as x64 and AMD64) instruction set.

  • richieprichiep Member ✭✭

    I got it work. Thanks.

  • lombardalombarda Member ✭✭
    edited May 2019

    In line with the same issue. As soon as I target a 64 bit CPU I get:
    /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild/Xamarin/Android/Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(2,2): Error MSB6006: "java" exited with code 2. (MSB6006) (WEIS.Android)
    This only happens when I Archive for publishing. System compiles fine.
    Points to line 3087 in common targets. I am using VS 8.0.8. (MAC) Any ideas?

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