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Service Stops Working when Lock Screen Kicks In

I'm working on a service that gets location info for a device. The service works fine when the app is running or in the background, but quits when the lock screen comes on. I read about Doze mode and thought that this might be it, so I've tried a bound service, a started service and now a foreground service - same results in all cases.

I'm starting to wonder this though - it is seeming like perhaps the service is still running, but the services it uses - namely location via GPS (in most cases) gets shut off when the device goes into lock screen mode.

So...a) does that sound like a likely culprit (or is it just nuts) and b) if that might be it, is there any options to keep that working, short of trying to write a service or app that won't let the device go to sleep (which I would hate to do).




  • @speschka, i too had the same issue, have you find any solution for this?

  • patiñopatiño Member

    i got the same, the solution its create a foreground service,
    i hope helps

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