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Retrieve Image from Firebase Storage to Display in Imageview

JamesMJamesM Member ✭✭

I am trying to pull an image from Firebase storage so i can then use the URL of the image to put into an Imageview. Most of the answers i find are to do with android studio, no answers for xamarin. This is the code i have so far:

storage = FirebaseStorage.Instance;
storageRef = storage.GetReferenceFromUrl("gs://");

StorageReference ImageFolder = storageRef.Child("Images");
StorageReference UserFolder = ImageFolder.Child(auth.CurrentUser.Email);
StorageReference UserImage = storageRef.Child("profile pic");
I can upload to firebase storage no problem, its the retrieving part that is the problem. In firebase storage i have folder Images/userEmail/profilePic.

Any links or documentation someone could point me in the direction of or any help would be great thanks.


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