What is causing my default app icon to change when I build and run the same code on other computer?

I am making an app using Xamarin.android in VS 2017. When I built and run it using my desktop, it works fine. The default app icon on the phone looks like this: (see attached image Android_Icon).

When I download the same code from my GitHub repo and try to run in on my laptop (also in VS 2017) the default icon looks like this: (See attached image Xamarin_Icon).

The app also compiles and runs fine for a while, but then crashes after some use. My thought is the image change is related to the settings that are causing the crash.

Here is a picture of my SDK settings in VS on my desktop: (See attached image Android SDK Settings)

The settings for my laptop are nearly identical, except that I have to select a version of the Android SDK Build Tools, or I get errors when I try to compile. I have tried to do some research on this but wasn't able to turn up anything helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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