Any PCL specialist online and available for a quick chat over Skype?

I have a ver, very, strange issue with PCLs and namespaces. I was hoping for some PCL guru who could give me a hand in a Skype session.

The problem is that I cannot use a specific class in an iOS project. However I can use it in a unit test project. Visual Studio complains about the namespace not being available, however the namespace is detected correctly and added to the "usings" statements. If I copy the class in question from the PCL to the iOS solution, it works.
Exactly same code works in unit test project. Hard to explain, easy to show.

I'm krumelur1976 on Skype.


  • RomanKaganRomanKagan USMember ✭✭

    I had similar issue. After rechecking namespaces of the class, I found the differences and it was solves

  • KrumelurKrumelur DEUniversity ✭✭

    Found the problem meanwhile. It is a bug. I added the two projects to a blank Xamarin Studio solutions and everything builds.
    So back to Visual Studio. If I select "Rebuild solution", it complains. If I rebuild the PCL manually from its context menu and then rebuild the iOS version, it works.

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