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Can't select from LaunchImages for iOS splash screen image

JohnLivermoreJohnLivermore USMember ✭✭
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I am trying to create a splash screen for a Xamarin Forms project. I think I have the right steps, but something isn't working. At this point I can't tell if it's a VS bug, or if I have done something wrong. For now, I will assume the latter. Can someone take a look at what I have done and tell me what I am missing please?

I followed the the Xamarin docs for instructions.

I specified the following in the Info.plist...

I added two files to the Assets.xcassets/LaunchImages. The LaunchImages asset was added for me when I edited the Info.plist file.

I open the default LaunchScreen.storyboard and add an ImageView control. When I try to set the image, the image files from the LaunchImages are not available. Rather, a dialog is popped asking me to select a file from the file system. Why don't the LaunchImages show there? And what are those for if they can't be put into a storyboard?

I see flaws in all this as it requires specific sizes for splash screens that won't work for all iOS devices. Seems like a better approach is to have your splash screen image centered on the storyboard, and then the storyboard resizes at runtime according to the device's dimensions. I appreciate anyone helping me to better understand this!

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