Stack layout Width Request not working

FXamainFXamain Member ✭✭
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I have a grid Column as below, with in that grid column with the width set as 3* then added a Stack layout with the width request of 50

But its taking the width request and it setting to full width as that of the Grid Column

Can any one help me with this solution, without setting the width of the column to "50"


  • ClintStLaurentClintStLaurent USUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    Let's see your XAML. Be sure to format it correctly so the site doesn't try to render it.

    I'll bet you've got some setting that are in conflict.
    For example, WidthRequest to 60, but also HorizontalOptions to StartAndExpand... So which would take precedence? See where I'm going with that?

  • FXamainFXamain Member ✭✭

    please check the screenshot

  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod

    @FXamain said:
    please check the screenshot

    Just for future reference, it makes it much easier for people to help if you post the code as text, not as a screenshot. As text, we can search it, or copy/paste it into a test harness. As a screenshot, there are very few people who will do much more than take a quick look, if that.

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