Why XamlCompilation.Compile is not the default behavior?

M_AllanM_Allan USMember ✭✭

Why do i always need to attribute a ContentView and Page with XamlCompilation.Compile? why it is not compiled by default?


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  • M_AllanM_Allan USMember ✭✭
    edited May 2017

    Hi Dirk, Thanks for your answer, I see that I can enable it per namespace, but still the question, why it is not the default behavior? or why do I want xaml that is not compiled if it is slow?

  • lucidBrotlucidBrot Member ✭✭

    "XAML compilation is disabled by default to ensure backwards compatibility. It can be enabled at both the assembly and class level by adding the XamlCompilation attribute."

    Taken from the docs, to which I am not yet allowed to link.

    That sounds like there are no other downsides.

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