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iOS USB Library

MelbourneDeveloperMelbourneDeveloper AUMember ✭✭✭

Android has a library for talking to USB devices:

Does iOS have an equivalent? I read that Apple doesn't even allow the iPhone to talk to USB devices. Is that true? Is it also true on the iPad?



  • Zebiphire67Zebiphire67 Member ✭✭


    I was wondering the same ?

    We can't directly save in root or android path for the usb flash drive, but we can use something like Essential or FilePicker as same as Android.Content.Intent.ActionCreateDocument for Android.

    But I can't see a USB flash drive on Xamarin.iOS.

    With Apple we can do 2 things:

    • Get a file from a computer and transfer it to an iPhone
    • Get a file from an iPhone and transfer it to a computer

    We can't create with the application directly on flash drive I think. Someone can confirm ?

    It's the same restriction when you do a iOS app, you can't create normally a file other than the app folder.

    If someone have an idea ?

    Thank you.

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