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WCF Service

Does anyone have any suggestions on cross-platforms for wcf service as far as the structure of the solution? I am just not sure if I should do one core project that handles all the service calls and then just reference the core project in my Android project and IOS project or what I should do.

or is it better to have an Android Core project and a IOS Core project and then reference those accordingly?

Also, is it best to have a BL (business layer) > DAL (data access layer) > SL (service layer) for the flow of the core projects?
BL: contains the business objects
DAL: The UI would use this to get the required data from the SL
SL: WCF service calls that retrieve data from service.



  • RudaRuda BRUniversity ✭✭
    edited December 2013

    What you should do is





    In Project.BL reference the WCF.

    And Project.IOS... reference the Project.BL

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