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MRZ scanner or OCR scanner in Xamarin.Form

MRZ scan library in Xamarin
I need to scan the passport MRZ to fetch the user's information in Xamarin.Form application. I found only Anyline library for same, which is very costly. So please suggest any other library for Xamarin.Form which can provide user information on MRZ code scan.

If there is no library for Xamarin.Form then please suggest for both Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Andriod.

OCR scan library in Xamarin
If there is no library for MRZ scan then please suggest the OCR library for Xamarin.Form (or for both Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Andriod) which can scan MRZ string properly. We found the following library for same
1. Xamarin.Tesseract (Free):- Not working properly and very slow. Taking more than 10 min to scan image and providing the wrong result.
2. Scanbot SDK (Paid):- working properly but don't know the cost of the library and it is less papular. Please suggest if we can use this or any issue with Scanbot.
3. Micorsoft Coginitve:- It is not scaning MRZ code.
4. Google Vision:- It is working properly for only Xamarin.Andriod.

Above library not fulfill my requirement except Scanbot(Only OCR, don't know about cost and it is less papular) and Anyline(MRZ scanner but Costly).

So please suggest the MRZ scan library for Xamarin.Form.

Not for more details please check stackoverflow.


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