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Unable to get Location in Android

Hi Everyone,
I tried to get the location of the device I could not get even thought I did it as exactly done in this link : , I also tried GPS, Network provider options and could not get, is there anything I'm missing not done here?

P.S: I added the Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Locations package in my project


  • deczalothdeczaloth DEMember ✭✭✭

    Hi @JamesAJ ,

    Any error/Exception?

  • JamesAJJamesAJ Member ✭✭

    Hi @deczaloth , there were no exceptions, but the location data was received fine when I tried it using a different wifi connection at a different place, my conclusion is that since i was trying for a long time inside a building the gps was not working properly inside, but worked when I tried outside it worked.
    But my doubt is how to overcome this problem with FusedLocationprovider, and since I had specified the Acccuary Criteria and Power as Low, for FusedLocationProvider, Network and GPS options, are there any other workarounds.

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