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How to get a hover effect for listview item in UWP in Xamarin.Forms?

GnanaGnana Member ✭✭

Hi ,

I need to have a hover effect when i move mouse wheel over a listview item. Is there any way to achieve this.

If you have any idea please share.

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  • GnanaGnana Member ✭✭

    Hi @ColeX ,

    After some search and try, i got the solution you mentioned here..


  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

    @Gnana @ColeX

    As a more general case, I wonder if a custom ViewCellRenderer would work, but it would depend on whether mouse events get as far as the ListViewRenderer or ViewCellRenderer, or whether they are swallowed by child Views of the ViewCells. Might need an experiment.

    Another alternative would be for ViewCells to contain a transparent Button that overlays the entire cell content, overlaying using a suitable Layout. This does work (I do it currently), but I would prefer the ViewCellRenderer route if it works (I haven't got time to try it right now, but might do at some point) if the only target platform needing this is UWP (I'm not targeting WPF, Mac etc).

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