Please Help me on connecting sql to xamarin forms cross platform

I am tired of you guys always saying ,you can't make a direct connection to sql,but when we ask you for a working code ,you dont even produce a code .You only give some comments that does not help anyone.l am now in 3 months just wanting to do a project that captures data and views data using xamarin forms but each time l ask someone .You all say use web services but how ? you don't say .At least you should post the source code that is working ,anyone who has done a simmilar code please post something for us.We need a code that works ,not just these pillow talks.If you have a code that makes a direct connection and works .please give us.We are just tired of the people who only raise suggestion but no code

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  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity mod
    edited February 2019

    There are plenty of examples available online if you spend the time searching. Alternatively, for an investment of less than $40, buy the book "C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0 - Modern Cross-Platform Development - Third Edition: Create powerful applications with .NET Standard 2.0, ASP.NET Core 2.0, ... Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code 3rd Revised edition Edition". I am not connected with the author or publisher, but I've bought and read the book and it covers what you are asking about.

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