How to pass a value from .xaml file to .xaml.cs file?

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Hi I'm very new to Xamarin. I try to make a simple project. Here I'm using some binding method. but I can't fetch the value from the .xaml file to .xaml.cs file.
Please help or give me any reference for this issue. I used a button.... from that I used button_Clicked event to fetch the data. But I don't know and I can't find the solution for fetch the data in entry field of .xaml file to .xaml.cs file.


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    I've got the solution. It's same like


  • MAJosephMAJoseph Member ✭✭
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    I've got the solution. It's same like

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    Congrats. Hope you have a good time in coding.

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    A design comment - for Forms you should really be using MVVM with bindings and commands. This avoids having to code things in the XAML.cs files, and cleanly separates the UI (in the View) from the business logic (in the ViewModel).

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    @JamesLavery Actually I can't understand what you said. But I heard about that words and I hope I'll learn and understand that. Thanks for the sugggestion.
    And also Thanks to @jezh

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