What is the proper way to support both arm and arm64 for a native library

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I have a native library (cpp) which does decoding of data into a bitmap. If I set the native library project to target ARM everything works great on non-ARM64 devices. On ARM64 devices it cannot find/load the .so file. (DLLNotFound Exception)

If I target ARM64 the reverse happens.

I have the Native Library as a project in my solution (VS2017 Enterprise) and the project is added as a reference in the main Android project.
There are other non-native libraries as well that call the functions in the native library.

I don't reference the native library in non-native ones because I get an error "Native library references target platform arm64-v8a which is not supported by this project. Configured supported ABIs are: armeabi" when building the non-native library. This seems odd and likely a clue, but I cannot find a way to specify this for a library like you can for the App project.

I am confused as to why the ARM build doesn't work for both. But regardless, what is the proper way to set this up?


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