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How to save the DirPath + The Filename of a picture selected from the Gallery in a SQLite Db.

Hello Guys,
I am constructing a Hybrid app using Xamarin, my App is Totally HTML + Css and JS, works fine(i am suing WebView Template Project), the app is just an Input form, the user can type text, select dates or check boxes etc, everything works fine, now i need to implement the functionality to attach an image(s) to the form and save the info into the DB, i would not like to save the image into the DB but save the DirPath and FileName as string. Later on the user could send the info of the Input Form (including the Images) to a Web Api Service . For now i just need to :

1.- Select the image from Gallery.
2.- Save the DirPath + The FileName.

Just keep in mind that i am not using Xamarin Forms, for that reason i need to trigger the functionality from an HTML button (this is not a problem for me ( i know how to do it) i just need the code to display the dialog box where the user can select an image from the Galley and later on just save the DirPath and FileName of the picture selected(could be more than one).

I really appreciate the help you can provide, KIND REGARDS.

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