ActionbarSherlock NavigateUpTo


i'm trying to implement the up feature in a sample solution
I'm using VS2012 / Android ( Compiling API 18 and Min Level 10 )

I have a "start" Activity with a button that use StartActivity(typeof(StandardActivity));
=> display StandardActivity from which i want to go back to StartActivity using the Up feature

[Activity(Label = "Start", MainLauncher = true)]
public class StartActivity : Activity

[Activity(Label = "Standard", ParentActivity = typeof(TestActionBar.StartActivity))]
public class StandardActivity : Xamarin.ActionbarSherlockBinding.App.SherlockActivity
protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)



the up button is properly displayed but no action is processed
( Commented/uncommented line SetTheme do nothing more )

So i have tried to implement
public override bool OnOptionsItemSelected(Xamarin.ActionbarSherlockBinding.Views.IMenuItem item)
but without any success !!

I can't find any ressource value for the item.ItemId parameter passed when the home button is pressed
Resource.Id.homeAsUp or Resource.Id.abs__home doesn't mach the id i'm getting

So i have tried
var intent = new Intent(this, typeof(StartActivity));
return true;
catch (Exception ex)


I'm getting an exception : Exception of type 'Java.Lang.NoSuchMethodError' was thrown.

If someone has any idea it will be appreciated because i'm stuck

ps : i have successfully implemented tabs navigation, viewpager and SherlockFragmentActivity in my dev solution


  • Just to add that if i'm running an AVD with Android 4.3 the up button works like a charm
    without any implementation of OnOptionsItemSelected

    So i'm wondering what i'm missing,
    I have chosen ActionbarSherlock to handle lower compatibility

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