VPN with Android

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did somebody have any experience with the new VPNServer Class in Android 4.x and use it with Xamarin?


There is an example, called: ToyVPN in the android sdk examples.
But there is nothing about the use of IPSEC/L2PT and PSK.

So maybe have somebody an better example how i can connect to such a service.
Or how to use the IPSec/L2PT functionality of Android with Xamarin (because there is a VPN Wizard on Android itself, maybe i can use it from code too?).

Thank you :)


  • xiwo.netxiwo.net CNMember

    I need TOO!~help

  • RayabRayab Member

    No one can help?

    we need to work with VpnService And VpnService Document For Xamarin It's complicated for us

    need help, please share this post.

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