How can Xamarin.Forms class access JSON from REST WCF service?

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I'm learning all about Xamarin.Forms, so please bear with me. This may seem like a simple question, but finding a solution has been an uphill battle.

This code snippet is from a class in my Xamarin.Forms project that loops through a json stream. I use the Newtonsoft library for the json:

string ar = string ar = "[{\"lon\":-66.105700,\"lat\":18.466333},{\"lon\":-65.827300,\"lat\":18.149683},{\"lon\":-65.961975,\"lat\":18.380102}]";
var obj = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(ar);
string lat = string.Empty;
string lon = string.Empty;

foreach (var item in ((JArray)obj))
    lat = item.Value<string>("lat");
    lon = item.Value<string>("lon");

This works as expected.

Now, instead of being that string, it will be the string returned by calling URL http//IP/Service1.svc/GetTableData (the forum doesn't let me post URLs). This URL will return the same string format that was used in the snippet above:


My question: How can my class in the Xamarin.Forms project call the URL and read the string being returned? I only have access to the URL, so I can't add it to my project as a service reference.

I'm using Visual Studio 2017.

Any help is appreciated.

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