Wear OS, making webcalls over bluetooth

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So I have a wear OS native android application, enabling INTERNET permission, connecting the watch to a WAP, I can make http calls, everything working as expected.
But If the watch having the same WAP connection then turns on Bluetooth, being paired to a phone which in turn connected to the same WAP, my application doesn't work....

I have given the app permission to BLUETOOTH as well, but this solves nothing.

I'm thinking either my only test device, a TICWATCH E, has a bug preventing applications to access the internet when connected with Bluetooth to a phone.
Or I'm doing something, or rather failing to do something in my application.
I'm doing nothing in particular now so might I be failing to do something specific to steer web calls over bluetooth?

Having an application that doesn't work when paired to your phone is worthless...
Please advise.


  • LeoZhuLeoZhu Member ✭✭✭

    Have you tried disconnecting/resetting your watch and setting it up again to see if that helps?

  • axaaxa Member ✭✭✭

    @LeoZhu said:
    Have you tried disconnecting/resetting your watch and setting it up again to see if that helps?

    Unfortunatly this does not help the issue.

    Now Im wondering if im doing network access correctly at all...
    Im not seeking networks or anything, just simply making a web call using a rest client, which implements WebSockets i belive.

    Rather do i need to seek and manage networks such as with ConnectivityManager ?!
    That seems like alot of work :neutral:

  • axaaxa Member ✭✭✭

    Finally got my hands on a second watch and confirmed that my http calls only work when disconnecting blue tooth...

    Cannot anyone point me in the right direction...

    Again to summarize, i have an app that doesnt manage connections, just attempts to make web calls.
    This works fine if bluetooth is disconnected using only wifi, but if bluetooth connected (with your paired phone) the web calls simply no longer work...

    Do i need to seek and manage connections? Any examples to point me to?

  • axaaxa Member ✭✭✭

    From all ive read in 2.0+ Wear OS, both radio can be functional always...
    Trouble is ithere does not seem to be any good instruction on how to do this.
    This is not a Xamarin issue best i take it elsewhere...

  • axaaxa Member ✭✭✭
    So it turns out that calls over Bluetooth were working the whole time... Here is the problem

    While WiFi is connected my Wear OS app can resolve host names to ip address, and make calls to both internet and local servers (ex 192.168.1.xxx) without issue.

    But when when Bluetooth is on, the OS disables WiFi and calls are routed through the paired phone, BUT ALL TRAFFIC IS ROUTED THROUGH THE INTERNET!!

    So of course host names don't resolve, but even calls made with a specific local address will also get routed over the internet and of course that call times out as the local address doesn't get found...

    Anyone know if this is a bug or how to work around this?
  • axaaxa Member ✭✭✭

    thought editing the paired phone host file might help but its not rooted...

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