Any 3rd party comment components that work well for mobile and Xamarin?

Hey all,

Was wondering if there are any 3rd party comment components available for cross platform development. Something like how Disqus or livefyre for blog commenting. If not, can anyone help point me in the direction of some tutorials to learn how to create such a thing that would work with Xamarin.

Thanks CM


  • JonDouglasJonDouglas USXamarin Team, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    Hey @CodyMaxwell‌,

    When you refer to a 3rd party comment component, where do you want the comments to go? Is this going to be handled by Disqus or Livefyre?

    You can definitely make a XPlatform component or even just an HttpClient service that talks to the respective commenting platform you're after.

    You can start with a PCL and creating a Web/HttpClient that talks to or the platform you'd like to talk to. Here is an example I wrote a bit ago against the League Of Legends API:

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    I am curious. What solution did you finally adopt @CodyMaxwell ?

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