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Difference between AndroidApp and Android XamlApp?

yarin123yarin123 Member

What's the difference between AndroidApp and Android XamlApp (Xamarin.Forms)?



  • JohnHughesJohnHughes USMember ✭✭

    Andriod App are have the backend code in C# in the APP project and the GUI coding in the Android code. Android XamlAPP has both the C# back end code plus the GUI code in the main app.

    Android APP:
    ProjectApp - main code
    ProjectApp.Android - GUI

    Xamarin Form:
    ProjectApp - Main code & GUI

    Android app lets you write custom GUI using Android specific code and allows a lower level interface to the Android device.

    Xamarin forms allows you GUI code to be used across platforms (Android, Windows, & IOS).

    At least that is the way I understand it.

  • nbinbi Member ✭✭

    That's pretty much spot on. Using the Xamarin.Forms xaml template a solution is divided into two projects,a platform independent project and an Android specific project. The build process combines the products of each project build into an apk which can be deployed onto an emulator or physical Android device. Nice in theory, but after spending 3 days wrestling with errors and configuration issues I have yet to produce an app that actually runs on my Marshmallow phone. All I'm trying to do is build the default app that displays "Welcome to Xamarin.Forms!". Never have I had as much trouble with previous versions of VS as with VS 2017. I don't know about the Android App template, but if you use the Xamarin.Forms xaml template be prepared for aggravation.

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