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Struggling to compile application in 64bit on Xamarin


I have an old version of Xamarin Studio running (6.0.1), with mono 4.4.1, 64bits, on a 64bits OS (10.11.5).
I have an application that is currently used by clients and compiled on 32bits. But with the upcoming deprecation of the 32bits on future MacOS, I have to create a 64bits application.

Problem is, even though I put all my projects compilers into 64bits, put them into an AnyCPU configuration, and compile all of that, the OS tell me the application is not in 64bits...(I am looking into the System report of the OS, and the applications listed in there).

Did I miss something? Is there something else than putting the compiler to be specifically x64 on each and every projects of the solutions?

Tell me if you need more information.


  • MatthieuDMatthieuD Member ✭✭

    Still locked on this issue, anyone got an idea? Is this the proper section for this question though?

  • MatthieuDMatthieuD Member ✭✭

    Can this thread be moved to the Xamarin.Mac section please? Or do I recreate it there?

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