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Asymmetric encryption using keystore with fingerprint authentication

PixxouPixxou Member
edited January 2019 in Cross Platform with Xamarin

For my project I try to create a private and public key on keystore and keychain. But I would like protect the access of the keys with fingerprint authentification.

I find a lot example to create keys. Unfortunately I can't add link in this post ..
I didn't find any example for protect my keys with authentification. Do you have some information about that ?

Moreover, I hear that it's possible on native Android to unlock key when the user unlock the smartphone (scheme, pin or fingerprint). Do you know if it's possible with Xamarin ?

Thanks for your answer ;)


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    The data stored in the keystore or keychain can only be retrieved by the app which stored it. So you will never afraid other apps could read these data.
    For your own app, pop up a fingerprint authentication before you want to show these data to users. Ues dependency service to implement fingerprint on each platform.
    Or maybe plugins could be another choice:

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