Linking to a library

I have compiled a C library and I can load the appropriate .so file. However I'm getting EntryPointNotFoundExceptions and I'm pretty sure it's because the compiled library has been output in two parts. There's a small .so and a larger .a. So it looks like NDK Build has only created a 'shim' .so. Looking at the files with a hex editor tends to confirm this as the .a has no strings associated with the library.

Does anyone know how to either make NDK Build emit a single file, or else how I can make use of the .a files (each platform has one of course).


  • AndrueCAndrueC Member ✭✭

    I think I know the answer. I had to use LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES. When I did that the .so suddenly ballooned to 1.2MB/s and a hex editor shows that it contains the names of functions we're looking for. Don't yet know that it works but it should do.

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