Advice on framework prism vs Reactive UI mainly

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Am fairly new to Xamarin forms with just developed two apps in total which are basically small apps to be fair enough so was using Xamarin.Forms itself.
But currently need to work on a pretty big application with lots of pages and what's more every operation needs to be able to be done offline and hence requires database syncing.
In brief, this app is heavily dependent on the database for each and every UI directly created from database tables and there are a lot of views so figured out it would be best if I use an MVVM framework so that don't clutter the code much but am torn between prism and ReactiveUI.
Prism is pretty good no doubt but I am wondering if ReactiveUI would be a good choice for this app as it uses LINQ queries at its core
Any advice is appreciated even if anyone of you has a different framework in mind.


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Actually, Xamarin Forms itself is MVVM designed. You can create the user interface in XAML, then use data binding to bind your page view to the corresponding view model. Also, manipulate the model coming from your database through the view model.
    Refer to this documentation to know more about xamarin forms' MVVM:
    About what third-party frameworks you want to use. I think it's all up to you.
    MVVMCross, Prism, MVVM Light, Fresh MVVM or ReactiveUI(what you mentioned) can all be chosen. It depends on what you like most.

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