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How to navigate to pages within tabs and from a master-detail page to a tabbed page using prism?

After successful login, the app takes the user to the tabbed page that also has master-detail page.

I use this command on LoginPageViewModel: await _navigationService.NavigateAsync("/MDRootPage/BaseNavigationPage/MainTabbedPage");

That selects the first tab listed on the MainTabbedPage which is TabOne. When I navigate to a page from TabOne to TabTwo, it does not select or highlight TabTwo, but it goes to TabTwo. I use this command: await _navigationService.NavigateAsync(path);.

I'm also having issue with navigating from master-detail page to a page within a tab. I'm calling the NavigateAsync from master-detail view model as suggested here on stackoverflow, but it hides all the tabs.

There is not enough documentation on prism doc about master-detail page navigation which made my life a bit difficult. Can anyone give me a simple sample code that shows how to navigate within tabs that also uses master-detail page using prism?


  • AsurAsur USMember ✭✭✭

    I can't comment on prism but in general tabbed and normal navigation page, each itself will have its own navigation stack. Make sure you are redirecting from and to the right navigation stack.
    We might need a code snippet from your end to see how you are performing navigation before commenting

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