Responsive styling in Xamarin.Forms

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I'm looking for a way to make my XF app responsive.
It would be nice if I could just use some BootstrapCSS alike system so that on a small screen all elements are positioned below one another and on a wide screen the elements would be wrapped in 2 columns.
I've already searched for this and read posts about how to do this using the Grid, but that seems a little messy by maniplulating grid columns from page code-behind.

Approach using StackLayout

But there doesn't seem to be a device-width selector.

I also know about using CSS but it might be a little late to implement this in my app.
I've also considered using Device.Idiom, but than again you have to use this in code-behind.

This is another interesting article but I don't know if this is easy to implement:

Also in android you can define multiple versions of a layout, depending on device-width, resolution, orientation, ...
For xaml pages this is off course not quite possible...

What is the best way of dealing with this?


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