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Could someone help me how to create a ipa file from visual studio 2017 MAC

JuanJJJuanJJ Member ✭✭

I am new to xamarin forms and need some guidance creating an inhouse app IPA file to host on our company portal


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  • PrabakaranRamasamyPrabakaranRamasamy USMember ✭✭✭

    Right-click the project and choose archive for publishing option, it opens a wizard and guides you to create iPA file.

  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Simply set your build mode to Release, build your app, and then you can retrieve the .ipa file on your mac or on your PC. To make the directory where it is stored in appear on your mac, in visual studio just click the 'Show IPA File on Build Server' icon. Then use Application Loader to upload it to the App Store.

    For more info,please check :

  • JuanJJJuanJJ Member ✭✭

    thanks everyone for your responses, but i have made a mistake in that i am not using vs2017 rather i am using the MAC version VisualStudio for MAC community edition

  • JuanJJJuanJJ Member ✭✭

    thanks everyone

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