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I am would like to build a mobile app on Xamarin and back-end on web application. Could you share me some of beautiful template that I can buy for my mobil app, and also back-end web-app?

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    Apps aren't website. I don't know of anyone that makes templates for apps. App UI generally based on need and function. Like the old saying goes: Form follows function. Just because I don't know of them doesn't mean they don't exist. Google would be a good choice then.

    But otherwise - you need to actually do your own coding for the UI so it handles the function of the app and has all the databinding etc.

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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc.

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    Hi .
    There are lot of free and paid UI kits that you can use to make awesome mobile apps with xamarin forms.
    Let me share some of the platforms that are offering a mobile and web app controls.
    1. I personally use Synfusion because it's almost open source and also give you a code so that you can modify it according to your choice. Also they provide a Life Time Free License to smaller applications.
    2. Infragistics is also a very good name when we talk about the Custom UI controls.
    3. We have also a very good name when we talk about the UI producivity and that is Telerik.
    4. Beside these we have few other options like Grial as mentioned above.

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