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Can I send a value to my Webapi not to be stored in database but as a parameter to return data

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Hi All,

So I am using web api to post data to a database on the server.. work great easy to understand how its working...
But in this case.. the users want to be able to send and Id via their devices and have that Id get processed and
return a value back to a list display on the device...

So and web api get.. but with a parameter... Is there some example I can follow showing how this can be done...
I am sure this is more a question for web api people

But I wanted to check here first.. because I was not sure how to refresh the page on the device if this can be done.


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  • AppDev01AppDev01 Member ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    I was able to get help on this... evidently you have to append the field name to the url... and when it all gets concentrated together it all works,


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