How to display listview in two columns

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I have seen this question answered, but the responses don't apply to the situation I'm trying to address.

I want to display two separate list items in each row of a ListView. What I don't want is to line up vertically the fields in each record one to a row.

My aim is to list two complete records in each row, one in each column. Each cell would include the image and accompanying text, which are separate fields in the record.

This is a crude representation:

| R0 | R1 |
| R2 | R3 |
| R4 | R5 |
and so on . . .

I've tried using separate binding contexts for each column as well as putting each row in a tuple. But so far I can't figure out how to match the data to the binding of the ListView.

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who's solved this problem.


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